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Your Digital Life after Your Death

After cremations as part of the cremation services offered in Shaker Heights, OH, whoever you’ve designated to take care of your final affairs should have access to your will or revocable trust (this will automatically transfer to them upon your death), any life and burial insurance policies you have, and access to your bank accounts and other financial accounts.

However, there is one other area of your life that you need to make sure your executor has, and that is all the login information (usernames and passwords) for everything you do digitally. Most of us have a gazillion of these. They include logins for digital devices, wireless routers, logins for online banking and other financial services, logins for streaming services, logins for credit card companies, logins for taxing filing sites, logins for airlines, and logins for online shopping sites.

You may also have social media logins for services like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. If you blog online, then you have a login for that as well.

We need a quick note about using face recognition or fingerprints to log in to your digital devices instead of a password. While this may be a very good way to secure your digital devices, it’s important to remember that faces and fingerprints are unique for each person, so no one else will be able to access devices where you have this as your login method after you die.

Almost every online password is now required to be at least eight characters, using capital letters, numbers, and special characters. Because different sites use different ways to login – for example, some require a username, while others require an email address – there is no way to standardize all our online logins to be the same.

Even if that was possible, though, it would be a huge security risk, because if someone was able to hack into one account, they could potentially hack every single online account you have.

We all have different strategies for keeping up with all these logins. Many people use free password managers on their digital devices to store all this login information (however, there’s a login for the password manager too). Other people store this information in a Word document or an Excel spreadsheet.

One of the potential problems with password managers on your computer is that no one will be able to access it because they don’t have the administrator password to access the program. Additionally, if the computer crashes, then all your login information is completely inaccessible.

The Word document or Excel spreadsheet is the best way to keep up with your logins and to update them when they change, because you can keep a current copy – printed or on flash drive – with your important papers (replace it when the document changes), so that all your digital information is available to the person you’ve chosen to take care of your final affairs.

Keep your current login document stored on flash drive, not the digital device you primarily use. Label the flash drive and keep it where your executor can easily access it in case you forget to print or provide a current copy to include in your important papers.

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