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You Need a Cleaner When You Die

Before funerals at funeral homes in Bedford, OH, you need to enlist a cleaner (someone you trust and who is technically adept) to clean your physical house and clean your digital house to eliminate anything that might create problems after your death.

This cleaner is not your run-of-the-mill cleaner. Their job is to go through closets, dresser drawers, medicine cabinets, office desks, etc. and remove anything that could cause potential problems with your family members. They are tasked with destroying everything they remove that you direct them to destroy.

This person is also responsible for cleaning your digital house. Every time you do anything online, you leave behind traces of data. These are known as crumbs, and they stay around years after you leave them.

You may not have any particularly incriminating or embarrassing crumbs of data in your online past. If you do, then you’ll definitely want to get those cleaned up before you die. But crumbs of data give other people too much information about you, and if that information should fall into the wrong hands then you could be a target for some kind of fraudulent activity.

Additionally, most of us have been online for 20 or more years. What you left behind 20 or more years ago may not reflect anything about you now. So, you will want to clean up the old you before you die (this is common advice to college graduates who are looking for employment and who have social media accounts that are 10 or 15 years old, and which may not show them in the most flattering light to potential employers).

In the same way that you wouldn’t want old love letters or other very personal things read by other people, you don’t want to leave that kind of information in your digital house when you die.

The four reasons that you need to clean your physical house and your digital house are to ensure that you have not left anything that is dangerous, that is illegal, that is embarrassing, or that is secret.

Dangerous things in your physical house include things like prescription medications that would pose a potential safety threat to other people. These would include things like painkillers, antidepressants, and anxiety medication.

Illegal items in your physical house are things that are not allowed under federal, state, or local laws and which could get you arrested.

Embarrassing things in your physical house include anything that you wouldn’t display in the open when you have friends and family members over.

There may be embarrassing things in your digital house as well. These would include pictures posted on social media, pictures on your smartphone, text messages, social media posts, and emails you wouldn’t want everyone to see.

Embarrassing things don’t necessarily have to be anything racy. But they could be things that are offensive to others or that demean others.

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Secret things in your physical house could include family information, such as a previous marriage that no one knew about or adoption that no one knew about, private affiliations with groups that are secretive by nature, or affiliations with groups that your family and friends would find offensive, or relationships that your family and friends know nothing about.

Your cleaner must have access to both your physical house and your digital house. This means they need to have keys to get into your physical house and passwords to get into your digital house.

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