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What Do You Need to Know about Cremation?

Cremation is among the cremation services offered in Cleveland, OH, but you may not know all the options you have with cremation or what choices you have for using cremations remains. Here’s a definitive guide.

Cremations are becoming much more popular than traditional funerals in the United States. There are many reasons for this.

First, cemeteries and graveyards are reaching capacity, especially in urban areas, and many of them don’t have the room or the money to expand their capacity. This makes cremation a much more viable option for many people.

Another reason why cremations are becoming more popular is that an urn with cremation remains is easier to transport than a casket with a body. Americans have become very mobile over the last 75 years and that mobility has taken them far away from hometowns and family homes (as well as family cemeteries).

It’s not unusual for people to want to go home after they die. But when they’re far, far away from home when they die, it can be quite cumbersome (although not undoable) to get them from the funeral home where they are to the funeral home in the place where they want to be buried if they’re in a casket.

However, when a person is cremated, their remains can be easily transported by a family member or a friend from one place to another, and that makes going home a much easier thing to accomplish.

Direct cremations (cremations without a service) are the most popular kind of cremations. The reason for this is that a service can be held any time after the cremation has been done (in some cases, weeks, months, or even years later), and the family can take the time they need to plan the service they want.

However, a viewing or visitation and funeral service can be held before a loved one is cremated if that’s what the family wants. In this way, everything is exactly the same as a traditional burial, except that cremation takes place after the service instead of burial in a cemetery.

Another thing to know about cremations is that the cremation remains of a loved one can be used in several different ways.

First, a portion of the cremation remains can be placed in an indoors decorative urn and given to the family to keep or in an outdoors urn that can either be stored in a columbarium niche or buried in a grave plot in a cemetery.

Cemetery burials of urns are often done when other family members and/or a spouse have already died and been buried in a cemetery. As with a casket burial, the urn burial will require a vault to keep the gravesite stable and to protect the urn from damage.

Other portions of the cremation remains can be used in other ways. One of these is scattering, which is a ceremony where the cremation remains are poured out in a place that was special to the deceased.

A portion of the cremation remains can be used to make wearable jewelry for friends and family members so that their loved one is always close by them.

A portion of the cremation remains can also be used to make a living memorial, such as a plant or tree, by mixing it with soil and a seed. This can become a place that family and friends can visit to pay their respects to the deceased.

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