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What are Simple Cremation Services?

If you are planning cremation services in Bedford, OH, you have a few different options available to you. One of those options is simple – also known as direct – cremation services. Here is a guide to what simple cremation services are so that you can make an informed planning choice.

A simple cremation is a cremation that happens without any type of service. Some people decide that they do not want a funeral service (before cremation) and they do not want a memorial service (after cremation) at all. They simply want to be cremated after they die without any type of service to memorialize them.

While many people like – and need – the comfort, support, and closure that a service that remembers the person who has died, more people are opting for simple cremations. There are several reasons why you might decide on a simple cremation.

One reason that people might choose a simple cremation is that it is a cost-effective option. When loved ones die, they often do not want to burden their families with additional financial responsibilities, so they choose simple cremation services.

Another reason why people might decide to have a simple cremation is that they know how much extra stress their grieving families will have if they plan a funeral service or memorial service. Therefore, a simple cremation eliminates an additional emotional burden for the family to carry as they are grieving the loss of a loved one.

So, what are the steps in a simple cremation?

Many of them are the same as with any other type of funeral arrangement.

The funeral home will transport your loved one to the funeral home after they die. You will meet with the funeral director to make the arrangements for the simple cremation. When you come to the funeral home, you will need to bring the following documents with you:

  • Your loved one’s Social Security card
  • Your loved one’s birth certificate
  • Your loved one’s marriage certificate (or divorce decree, if applicable)

The funeral director will need these to get your loved one’s death certificate completed.

If you or your loved one have already written an obituary that you want the funeral home to publish on their website, you should bring that with you as well. If you have an electronic version of your loved one’s obituary and a picture of them, you will probably be able to email that to the funeral home. The funeral director can give you guidelines on how to do this.

If you or your loved one have not written an obituary, then the funeral home will help you write one. Be sure not to include too much detail about specific addresses or vital information in the obituary, so your loved one is not targeted for potential identity theft.

The funeral home will notify Social Security of your loved one’s death, so you will not have to worry about doing that yourself. If your loved one was receiving Social Security benefits, you need to be aware that if those benefits are paid a month behind.

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For example, June’s Social Security benefits are paid in July. If your loved one lived the entire month of June, then those benefits stay in your loved one’s account. However, if your loved one died July 29, then the benefits for August will either not be paid or they will be withdrawn if they are paid.


The final step of a simple cremation is the cremation itself. After the cremation, your loved one’s cremation remains will be put into a cremation container and returned to you by the funeral home.

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