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The Needs That Mourning Meets

After funerals at funeral homes in Cleveland, OH, you and your family will go through two processes related to the death of someone you loved. One of these is grief. The other is mourning.

Although grief and mourning are often used interchangeably to mean the same thing, they, in fact, are not the process. Grief is what you feel internally after someone you love has died. Mourning, on the other hand, is what you do externally to express your grief. In other words, grief is centered around feelings, while mourning is centered around actions.

Grief is defined by feelings of sadness, sorrow, anger, and, sometimes, denial. These all happen on an internal level, and each person will experience some or all of them in their own unique configuration. Grief is not communal, even though you may be experiencing the same loss of a loved one as other people.

Mourning, on the other hand, encompasses the activities you do to express your grief. These are things like attending funeral services, wearing black, or sharing memories and photos of your loved one. Some of mourning is done with others and some of mourning is done in private.

Mourning is the way that you make your way through the grieving process. It is a tangible way to work toward acceptance and healing, even though the grief of losing someone you love will never go away.

One of the things that mourning does is help you to accept the reality that someone you love has died. As you think and talk about the death of your loved one, it becomes more real as a factual event that has occurred. It can take time to completely accept that someone you love is gone, but by sharing stories about them with friends and family, your feelings of disbelief about their death will turn to belief.

Mourning also helps you process the pain of losing someone you love. At first, you will feel a pain unlike almost any other pain you will ever experience in life. That pain will bring tears, fears, feelings of weakness, and, at times, feelings of being out of control. Instead of avoiding the pain, it’s important to acknowledge it by feeling it in its full intensity for short periods of time, and then moving to other things so that it doesn’t overwhelm you.

Sharing memories of your loved one who has died is another aspect of mourning. You can do this through telling stories about them, listening to their favorite music, tuning in when something reminds you of them, and even dreaming about them. Over time, the initial pain of remembering your loved one will be largely replaced by happy memories of the time you shared together.

Mourning serves another purpose: the adaptation of a new identity that doesn’t include your loved one. This can be one of the hardest parts of the grieving process, especially for spouses, who had well-defined roles within their relationship. If your deceased spouse, for example, handled all the car and lawn maintenance, you will now have to take those responsibilities on yourself. It can be quite uncomfortable at first, but over time, you will adjust and adapt to handling them adroitly.

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