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Streaming a Funeral Service Online

When you’re arranging funerals at funeral homes in Shaker Heights, OH, you may be worried about family members and close friends who live too far away or can’t afford to get to the funeral in person because you know they don’t want to miss being a part of the service.

Family members and close friends are equally worried because they want to be at the funeral and they can’t because they know how important participating in a funeral service is and how many regrets can happen when they have to miss it.

Having your loved one’s funeral service and then having the video uploaded to the funeral home’s website solves this problem on both sides. Using an internet connection, family members and close friends who can’t be there are able to participate in the funeral service live. If it’s held at a time when they are not able to participate live, they can watch the recorded video from the funeral home’s website when it’s convenient for them.

Live streaming funeral services and uploading the recordings to the funeral home website is a funeral service that began to be offered by a few funeral homes about 10 years ago. However, with a world that is connected and intertwined by technology, live streaming funeral services have become very popular in the last few years.

While it might seem that livestreamed funeral services are beneficial just for mourners who are unable to attend in person, the immediate family of the deceased can also reap great benefits from having the funeral service recorded and available from the funeral home’s website.

When you are having a funeral service for a loved one, you remember very little of the details because you are in shock, in the fog of grief, and overwhelmed emotionally. When you add a viewing or visitation and a steady stream of people coming through to pay their respects to your deceased loved one and to offer condolences and sympathy to you and your family, the whole experience can be very emotionally exhausting and somewhat of a blur as you try to cope with everything you’re experiencing.

However, after time passes, and as you move past the fog of grief and through the grieving process, it’s very comforting to be able to go the funeral home website and see the funeral service when you can absorb all of it and you can hear and see all that was said and done.

You have the choice to make your loved one’s funeral service public (meaning anyone with an internet account can watch it) or private (invitations are sent to the people you want to view the service and they have to enter an access code to be able to watch it).

Copyrighted music could be a caveat to livestreaming a funeral service because many people choose songs that have current copyrights on them (recorded or performed live). If you don’t have the permission to livestream those songs, then the video has to be silenced during those parts of the service.

However, funeral homes have been able to get music licenses that give them permission to livestream almost any kind of copyrighted music you can imagine.

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