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Memorial Service Ideas

Helping plan memorial services are one of the cremation services offered in Bedford Heights, OH. There are many great things that you can do to honor the memory of your loved one. Memorial services are an avenue that allows you and your family and other mourners to come together to honor the life of your loved one in very personalized ways.

So, what kind of memorial services can you have?

A themed memorial service focuses on one aspect of your loved one’s life that they were passionate about or that embodies a symbol of their lives.

When you have a memorial service that focuses on a theme about your loved one’s life, you can highlight something that defined them or that was important to them.

If they had a passion, then you can focus on the memorial service on that. Their passion might have been something like music, sports, or family. The whole memorial service is centered around showing your loved one’s relationship with what they cared about in life.

For example, if your loved one was loved music, then the theme of the memorial service can show how music shaped their life and how they related to music all throughout their life.

Having a memorial service that uses a symbolic theme lets you use a phrase or symbols to capture the essence of who your loved one was. For example, if your loved one liked to grow flowers, then a wide array of fresh flowers can be used in the memorial service and mourners can be encouraged to plant a flower in your loved one’s memory.

If you don’t want to have a themed memorial service for your loved one, you have many other ways to create a memorial service that honors their memory and highlights what you – and others – loved about them.

One way is to have a memorial service that includes a memory board where people can write down their favorite memories of and stories about your loved one. You and your family will find that doing a memory board will give you a lot of comfort as you adjust to your loved one’s death.

This is also a great way to encourage people to share their stories about your loved one, including the ones you and your family may not know.

A memory board implicitly reveals the impact your loved one had on the world around them, and as you review it in the days, weeks, months, and years after your loved one’s death, it can ease the sad times when grief hits.

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Another addition to your memorial service can be a video tribute to your loved one. The funeral home can take your pictures of your loved one and add music to create a video tribute that can be played before or after the memorial service, or as part of the service itself.

You can also create a memorial service that consists of sharing foods that your loved one liked. This is a more informal service, where you and your family and other mourners eat and drink and mingle while sharing foods that were special to your loved one.

The funeral home can cater to this type of memorial service, mourners can bring food with them, or you may choose to dine out in a restaurant that was one of your loved one’s favorites. This type of memorial service is intimate and offers a lot of support to you and your family.

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