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Meaningful Memorials for a Deceased Loved One

After cremation services in Bedford Heights, OH, there will not be a time when you don’t remember the empty place that’s left when your loved one dies. However, there will be times when that loss is felt more strongly than at other times.

There are many ways to create meaningful memorials for your deceased loved one. These are ways to recognize both their presence and impact in your life and their absence from your life.

One way that you can create a meaningful memorial for your deceased loved one is with a memorial brick. If your loved one was a military veteran or if they belonged to the church or an alumnus of a college or university, you may be able to have a memorial brick inscribed with their name and date of birth and date of death placed permanently in a public park, on the church grounds, or at the university or college.

You can check with the institution or organization where you would like to place your loved one’s memorial brick to see if that is something that can be arranged.

Another way to remember your loved one who has died is to create a living memorial. Using a portion of their cremation remains, you can plant a flower or a tree either in a public space or in your own backyard. As the flower or treat grows, you will have a constant reminder, as well as a permanent memorial, of your loved one.

It is not uncommon if your loved one was killed in a traffic accident, to create a roadside memorial to commemorate the place where they died. Most roadside memorials arise spontaneously, created by friends and family members of your loved one.

Most of these memorials are temporary. If you would like a permanent memorial, you may need to get permission from the Department of Transportation or from the property owner. One thing that you need to be aware of with roadside memorials is that they should not be too close to the road nor should they be so distracting that they could possibly cause future vehicle accidents.

Memorial gardens are a popular way to remember your loved one who has died. You can designate a spot on the property around her house dedicated to your loved one. You might include a bench that has an inscription to your loved one or you might include a birdbath with a fountain or birdhouses in this spot.

A memorial garden should be a place that’s peaceful and that reminds you of the good memories and the good times that you had with your loved one. So, be sure to include things that remind them of you and remind you of your life with them.

Another way that you can remember your loved one is to create a memorial for them at important family celebrations. It is not uncommon for families to leave an empty chair at the dinner table during the Thanksgiving meal or Christmas meal.

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You may want to celebrate their birthday or an important anniversary every year by having close friends and family members gather to share food and share memories of your loved one.

Couples who are getting married traditionally leave an empty seat at the service and at the reception to commemorate the loved one – whether it’s a parent or grandparent – who has died and who is absent.

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