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Living Beyond the Groove

After cremations as part of Shaker Heights, OH cremation services, the cremated remains of loved ones are returned to their families in a cremation container (an urn they’ve purchased or a temporary container where they’ll be stored until the family has planned what they want to do with them).

If your loved one was a musician or simply loved music, one of the ways that you can preserve some of their cremated remains is by having them pressed into a vinyl record made up of favorite songs that remind you of them.

Vinyl records have a sound that can’t be duplicated. From that distinct scratching sound of the record player’s arm being released and its needle hitting the first groove to the undertones of subtle scratches as the record plays, the whole sound is nostalgic for anyone who has ever heard a vinyl record played.

However, from the early 1980s until about ten years ago, vinyl records were considered to be dinosaurs. Record players disappeared, and trying to find replacement parts for their arms and needles became a difficult scavenger hunt on auction sites like eBay.

The technology for music changed dramatically. Cassette tapes, CDs, and downloadable .mp3 files follow each other in relatively close succession. Then subscription digital music sites like Pandora, Spotify, and Amazon Prime Music became the standard for listening to music that most of us are familiar with now.

But vinyl records had a renaissance around 2010 and record players once more became available as did the accessories that go with them. People began to pull out their old dusty stereo record players and all those 78’s, 33’s, and 45’s that they had stowed away in attics and basements to give them a new listen and a new life.

So, it makes sense that having a vinyl record of your loved one’s favorite songs or songs that remind you of them, made with some of your loved one’s cremated remains impressed in the actual vinyl became another option for using cremated remains.

When you make a vinyl record using some of your loved one’s cremated remains, you get to design the album cover, create the label for the record, and choose the songs you want included on the record.

You can choose between a 7” vinyl record or a 12” vinyl record. The vinyl can be clear, which will let you be able to see the cremated remains of your loved one. If you don’t want clear vinyl, there are several colors you can choose from for your vinyl record.

Most companies that produce these vinyl records with cremated remains offer basic artwork services for the label, the record sleeve, and the album cover. However, you can use your own skills or enlist the help of the artists in your family to customize each one of the parts of the album.

You can include photos, endearments, or memories on the record sleeve and on the album cover. If you are using songs for your vinyl record, you may want to list each song’s title, the artist who is performing it, the year of its release, and why it was special to your loved one or why it’s a special song for you and your family.

The finished record album may take time to produce, but much of this depends on how fast you are ready to move to provide what you want included to the record production company.

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