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Is a Funeral a Waste of Time?

If you think that funerals at funeral homes in Shaker Heights, OH are a waste of time, you are not alone. There are other people who don’t know why anyone would want to have a funeral after they die or why anyone would want to go to the funeral of a friend or family member. In fact, if these same people have done end-of-life planning, they’ve probably specified that they don’t want any kind of service before their final disposition.

However, what these people don’t understand is that funerals are not for the person who died, but instead, the family, friends, and acquaintances who live on after them. So, for that reason, they are not a waste of time.

Funerals allow mourners to come together and share their sadness and grief, as well as to pay their respects to the person who has died, and to offer comfort, support, and encouragement to the bereaved family.

Funerals also serve the purpose of creating a safe window in which the family of the deceased can adjust to the reality of their loved one’s death. They come to accept it and to realize that it’s the new life they must go forward with. But all of this happens in a process that promises the softest landing possible in the wake of a death.

Another purpose of the funerals is to allow people to remember the person who died. This includes remembering their character, their achievements, the milestones in their lives, and the impact that they left on others. This can be quite comforting for the grieving family as they see how much people loved and cared about their loved one and how important their loved one was to more than just them.

Funerals are important because they allow grief to be open and acceptable, something that isn’t normally true in our stoic, “get on with it,” Western society. Tears, grief, sorrow, and mourning are often seen as weakness. We grow up with this idea, and it gets reinforced when we see sensitive people ridiculed, bullied, and demeaned when they express these feelings.

As a result, we tend to suppress feelings of sadness, tears, and other emotional displays of sorrow. This is not healthy, because sooner or later those feelings have to be dealt with. This may come out as chronic depression or suicidal thinking, which can have very devastating consequences.

At funerals, however, openly expressing mourning and grief is accepted and supported, which is necessary for both the family of the deceased and for the other people who have gathered to mourn their death.

Funerals also make us consider the meaning of life. We often fly so fast through our lives that we never stop and take the time to consider what life means and what matters in life. The death of someone we know or we love forces us to stop and think about their mortality and our own.

As we enter this time of reflection, we also think about how we want to live our own lives going forward. We may want to slow down and enjoy what we have instead of rushing around to get more than we never take the time to savor. We may want to follow a passion or a dream that we abandoned in our early lives. We may simply want to spend more time with the ones we love.

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