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Interesting Facts About Funeral Homes

You probably do not think much about funeral homes in Bedford, OH on a regular basis. The odds are good that you drive past one or more funeral homes every day when you go to work, when you run errands, and when you go to church.

But you will probably not think much about funeral homes until you need one. When you decide to start pre-planning your own funeral or you have a loved one who dies, funeral homes will be at the center of your thinking and attention.

Here are some interesting facts you may not know about funeral homes.

Within the United States, there are over 20,000 funeral homes in operation. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), almost three million Americans died in 2018, so you can see that funeral homes are always very busy serving the needs of both deceased Americans and their families.

While the overall number of funeral homes operating in the United States has decreased in the past two decades, the funeral homes that remain have experienced funeral professionals who are dedicated to providing the best service to everyone who comes through their doors in their time of need.

While many American businesses are owned by huge and impersonal corporations that tend to offer one-size-fits-all services, the majority of funeral homes in the United States are privately owned and many are family-owned.

This is an advantage because it enables funeral homes to customize and personalize their services to accommodate the wishes and desires that people have when they are planning their own funerals or the funerals of their loved ones.

Most funeral homes in the United States have a small number of full-time employees. On average, American funeral homes typically have two or three full-time employees and three or four part-time employees. Some of the people you see at the funeral home may be volunteers who simply want to help out the community and be of service to other people.

Having a small number of employees – many who have been there for a long time – in a funeral home actually offers a couple of advantages to the families they serve.

The first advantage is that long-term deep and personal relationships can be developed within the community, and family members who have lost loved ones can count on seeing familiar and comforting faces when they need the funeral home’s services.

The second advantage is that if family members need to speak to a certain person in the funeral home, they do not get the runaround or they do not have to worry that the person they spoke to last week does not work there this week.

This makes the funeral home a bedrock of consistent and stable support within the community, and it gives people confidence, because of their experience with the funeral home, to recommend them to other friends and family members.

Funeral homes, on average, handle about 113 funeral service requests a year. That equals one request about every 3 ¼ days (funeral homes don’t close on national holidays or weekends). The advantage that this offers to families is that they have the devoted attention of the funeral home in providing funeral services for their loved ones.

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Funeral homes have incorporated many new services, including cremation services, streaming or virtual video services, and tribute video production services, to name a few, into what they can offer families who are seeking their help when their loved ones die. This enables them to enhance the heart and soul of their profession – taking care of families and their loved ones – to meet modern requirements that are standard in everyday life in America.

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