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Important Things to Remember about Grief

After cremations as part of cremations services offered in Warrensville Heights, OH, you will feel the weight of the intensity of grief descend upon you like a heavy blanket that it seems impossible to remove. Grief is a normal reaction when you lose someone you love. How you experience grief will be unique because you are unique.

There is no specific way to grief. At times, you will find, in your grieving journey, that other people try to put their expectations of what grief is on you, and you may find yourself at odds with their expectations. This experience can be painful and hurtful, but to truly move in a healthy way through the grieving process, you will need to put others’ expectations aside, because those people are not you and their expectations do not define how you will make your way through grief.

It’s important, therefore, to remember that grief never goes away. Instead, it changes over time. That oppressively heavy blanket that is weighing upon you now will not always be the way grief feels. As you walk through grief, the constant feeling of carrying a very cumbersome burden will give way to moments of intensity that occasionally punctuate a general feeling of peace and comfort.

Therefore, it’s important to give yourself time to feel what you’re feeling and not try to rush the process or shut down the intense emotions and feelings that follow after someone you love dies. We live in a society of busyness that expects things to normalize quickly, no matter how devastating those things may be. That is simply not healthy, or even possible, with grief.

If you try to rush the process by avoiding dealing with the intensity of grief, you can be assured that while you may be able to postpone it, you will have to deal with it at some point down the road of life. It’s better to do it now and start the path of healing as soon as possible.

Another way to healthily handle grief is to be sure to stay connected to people who love you unconditionally and who you trust to be empathetic with what you are going through. It is often tempting to cut off contact with people because you are sad or you don’t want to bring everyone else down. However, isolating yourself can be detrimental to the healing process.

It’s important while you are grieving to make sure you take care of yourself. It can be tempting to eat unhealthy food and to not exercise on a daily basis. By getting good nutrition, you can keep your body healthy while you process intense emotions that can often wreak havoc on the body, making you more susceptible to getting sick or developing health problems.

A moderate amount of daily exercise (30 minutes of walking, for example) is good for generating endorphins, which are the brain’s mood lifters. If you’re able to get outdoors, then you get the beauty (even in snow) of the wonders we often take for granted in the natural world around us.

Another healthy step in the grieving process is to seek help if you need it. If you find that you’re stuck in a grief rut that you can’t seem to move past, then you might want to join a grief support group or have some private counseling sessions with a grief therapist to work through the impasse.

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