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How to Plan a Funeral

Planning your funeral before you die at funeral homes in Shaker Heights, OH gives you the opportunity to specify what your wishes are for your funeral. Planning for your funeral in advance also reduces some of the stress that your family will be dealing with, because all they have to do is put your funeral plan in motion with the funeral director. This frees your family to grieve and deal with the impact of losing you.

One aspect of planning your own funeral is whether you want to pay for the funeral in advance. This is optional. If you have a burial insurance policy for covering all the expenses of your funeral, then you’ll want to make sure that you have the insurance company’s name and the insurance policy number included in your funeral plans.

If you don’t have a burial insurance policy, you may be able to convert a portion of insurance coverage you already have into a burial insurance policy. You’ll need to check with your insurance company to see if this is possible.

Some insurance companies allow you to take a portion of mortgage insurance (which covers total value of the mortgage) you purchase when you buy a home and convert that into another type of policy, such as a burial insurance policy, as the mortgage of your home is paid off.

For a traditional funeral and burial, you will need to get a cemetery plot. Military veterans can be buried at no charge in a national cemetery, so if this is where you want to be buried, be sure to include a copy (not the original) of your military discharge papers (Form DD-214). If you’re affiliated with a church with a cemetery, you may be eligible for a free grave site in its cemetery. If your deceased relatives are buried in a family cemetery, you may have access to a free grave site there as well.

The next step will be choosing your casket. When you do this, you’re not paying for the casket, but you describing the type of casket you’d like to be buried in.

Next you’ll want to detail how you want in your funeral service. Include readings and songs that should read and performed. You’ll also need to specify who oversees the funeral service and provide their contact information.

Finally, you can address burial arrangements and services you’d like the funeral home to provide for you and your family during the funeral and at the cemetery.

It’s extremely important to document everything in your funeral plan. For example, if you want people to donate to causes or charities instead of sending flowers, specify that. Outline your funeral service. Write your obituary, if you’re so inclined.

All of this should be included with your other important papers and stored in a fireproof home safe or a bank safety deposit box. Whoever will be handling wrapping up your affairs, including taking care of funeral arrangements, after you’re gone should have access to the safe or safety deposit box.

Finally, sit down and talk with your family about your funeral plan so that everybody in the family knows what you want and will be on the same page when you die.

If you’d like to know more about funeral planning at funeral homes in Shaker Heights, OH, our compassionate and experienced team at E. F. Boyd & Son Funeral Home is here to help. You can visit us at our funeral home at 25900 Emery Rd., Warrensville Heights, OH 44123, or you can call us today at (216) 831-7906.

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