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Holiday Grief

Grief counseling is one of the cremation services offered in Cleveland Heights, OH. You may be dreading the holidays because your loved one has recently died, and you cannot bear the thought of them not being there to enjoy them with you. Perhaps your loved one died several years ago, but when the holidays come around, you find that you are filled with grief because they are not the same without them.

Grief during the holiday season is not uncommon. It does not matter whether you just lost a loved one or a loved one who has been gone for a long time. That is because you have strong memories of the traditions you and your loved one shared that have either changed or that you do not do at all anymore.

While it is normal to feel sad because your loved one is gone and not able to share holiday traditions with you, there are some things that you can do to help alleviate a full onslaught of overwhelming grief because of their absence.

One thing you can do is to do something for a charity or a group they were passionate about. Perhaps your loved one volunteered for organizations that help feed and clothe people in need. You could volunteer your time to help out if one of those organizations is serving meals to people. Additionally, you could go through your clothes and put a bag together to donate to one of the organizations.

Another thing that you can do to help with holiday grief is to write a letter to your loved one. Update them on the latest news from your family, your neighborhood, and from your community. This is talking to them in writing and it can help you to, perhaps, even talk about your own feelings and how much you and the rest of the family miss them.

Sharing a meal with others that includes your loved one’s favorite foods is another great way to help deal with holiday grief. Ask everyone to pitch in with the cooking. Use disposable plates, cups, and dinnerware, so there’s minimal cleanup and you can all enjoy the time.

Put on music that your loved one liked. Share memories of your loved one that remind everyone how much they mean and how much they were loved. There may be tears, and that is okay, but the odds are that there will also be laughter.

Journaling is another way to deal with holiday grief. Unlike writing a newsy letter to your loved one to keep them abreast of what has happened since they have been gone, journaling is a private writing exercise that allows you to talk from the heart.

No one will read this journal except you. Sentences do not have to be grammatically perfect. In fact, you do not have to write in complete sentences at all. You might just write words that express emotions you have, and then find that words flow from seeing those emotions written down on paper.

You can journal using a pen and notebook or you can journal using the computer. Choose the method that works best to allow you to concentrate. Choose a quiet time of the day when you know that there will be no other demands on your time. Do it every day, and you may find that you actually look forward to journaling because it helps with grief.

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