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Good End of Life Care Leads to Happy Memories

Before funerals at funeral homes in Bedford Heights, OH, good end of life care may make our memories of our loved ones’ lives much happier. The Madame Curie charity (a UK organization that provides support for terminally ill patients and their families) done extensive research on end-of-life care. They found that more than 33% of the people surveyed believed that inadequate or poor end of life care diminished the good memories they had of their loved ones.

About 20% of the people who were surveyed, believed that better end-of-life care would have helped them remember their loved ones with happier memories.

Four-fifths of the people who were surveyed saw a direct correlation between their happy memories of their loved ones and the good and positive end of life care. These same people believed that because their loved ones received great end of life care, they themselves were better able to go through the grieving process after their loved ones were gone.

This research indicates that how well our loved ones are taken care of by hospice or hospital organizations while they’re dying is interwoven with how positively we remember their entire lives. This research also seems to suggest that even in relationships that were not particularly easy, better memories of the relationship emerged if the loved one received a good end of life care.

Losing your loved one is a traumatic and life-changing event. You will be overwhelmed with many strong emotions before your loved one dies. These emotions will intensify after your loved one dies. If your loved one’s end of life care was poor or inadequate and it didn’t serve your loved one and you well, that can have detrimental effects on how you remember your loved one.

If you find yourself getting angry each time you think about the last few weeks, days, hours of your loved one’s life because the hospice group or hospital staff was inattentive or even negligent, then it’s more likely that you will have more negative memories about your loved one’s entire life.

With the right care and support, the dying process can be calm and peaceful. And it should be that way. However, the reality is that not all hospice agencies and hospitals are equal, and while some of them provide fantastic care and support, others do not.

One of the most frustrating situations you can find yourself and your dying loved one in is when acute home health care (right after a hospital stay), palliative home health care (continuous care when acute care is no longer need and until hospice care is needed) and hospice care (end of life care) units are within the same organization, but they operate independently of each other.

The acute and palliative home health care could be excellent, but the hospice care might be awful, or vice versa. It’s imperative to know that you have, as an advocate for your loved one, the right (and responsibility) to fire any care group that isn’t providing excellent care and replaces them with a care group that will.

The last days of your loved one’s life are important. You should make sure that they have the best care available, not only for their sake but also for yours and the memories you will be left with when your loved one is gone.

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