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Expressing Grief

After cremation services in Warrensville Heights, OH, you and your family will feel the full weight of the grief that’s been in the background since your loved one died come upon you as you now face the future without them.

Grief is gut-wrenching and grief is heart-wrenching. But not all people have a capacity for openly expressing their grief, nor do people who openly express their grief always know exactly what it is at that moment that is causing them so much pain.

Grief is complex. Grief is not a single thing, made up of a single emotion. Instead, grief is a rich blend of love, sorrow, happiness, memories, regrets, wishes, dreams, and unknowns in the future that you have to sort and work your way through.

Grief can be very intense in the beginning. If you’re feeling overwhelmed with your grief over the loss of a loved one, you may want to seek grief support.

This might be in a virtual support group made of people who are experiencing the same kind of grief you are (widows or widowers, parents who have lost children, or children who have lost parents, for example).

Grief support groups are intended to be safe places where people who are grieving can talk through and share with others all those facets that make up the grieving process. Some people find it very helpful to know that their experience with grieving is shared by other people, and there can be a lot of comfort and encouragement in this kind of shared grieving.

However, some people either aren’t comfortable talking about their grief in front of others and may feel some shame or guilt because they think that their grief makes them weak. The grieving process does make us vulnerable. We are more sensitive to what people say or do about us when we’re grieving, and we can experience hurt and pain over the remarks and comments, however well-meaning they are, that other people make to us.

In this case, meeting with a grief counselor in a one-on-one setting may be more helpful as we work through the intensity of the grieving process. Grief counselors are professionals who are specifically trained in helping people work their way through grief, so you don’t need to feel shame or weakness in seeking their help.

If talking with someone who is a stranger about your grief feels uncomfortable, then seek out a trusted friend or advisor (such as a church pastor). Church pastors deal with grief a lot as their parishioners die and as they themselves lose friends and family members. Not only do they have firsthand experience at grief counseling, but many of them also have professional training in grief counseling as part of their theological studies.

Some people, though, find they have no language for talking about their grief, at least verbally. The words that express what they are feeling seem elusive when they try to speak about the grief they are experiencing.

This can be very frustrating, and often it leaves the person who is grieving with a sense of deficiency, even though they are wrestling with and struggling with the grieving process internally.

If you find that your grief process looks like this, there is a way that you can express your grief as well. Write it down.

Start a grief journal, either with pen and paper, on the computer, or with a private blog online. This gives you a completely solitary way to work through the tangle of grief without having to form coherent sentences or sound like you’ve got it all together. As you write, those things will come, but at least you have an avenue for expression in the meantime.

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