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Benefits of Funeral Preplanning

You should be thinking about the benefits of pre-planning funeral and cremation services in Cleveland Heights, OH before you die. However, although you will spend innumerable hours planning for birthday celebrations, anniversary celebrations, holiday gatherings, high school and college graduations, and weddings, you have probably not spent a lot, if any, time planning for death.

If you haven’t, you’re not alone. Most Americans don’t really want to think about death in any kind of concrete way.

Some people don’t because they have the superstitious belief that if they actually get their affairs in order and preplan their funerals, they are inviting death to come.

Other people who are sick or who are terminally ill may put of preplanning their funerals because they think it says they’re giving up on fighting their illnesses.

Neither of these things, nor the other reasons that Americans give for not thinking about death and preplanning their funerals is true, but the beliefs are strong enough that many of us push any thought of dying and death – and planning for it – as far away from us as possible.

What are the Benefits of Preplanning a Funeral?

The reality is that preplanning your funeral has a lot of benefits.

One benefit of preplanning your funeral is that you don’t leave your family with the burden of doing it when they are going through an intense emotional and challenging time.

Your family will be in shock and grieving over your death and it will be difficult for them to think rationally and make well-informed decisions. You save them this extra stress by taking care of planning your funeral in advance.

Another benefit of preplanning your funeral is that your family doesn’t have to wonder – or argue about – what kind of funeral arrangements you want. If you don’t preplan your funeral by leaving a written set of instructions for your family, then no one will truly know how to plan your funeral.

Different family members may have different ideas about what kind of funeral you should have, and the feelings about these may be so strong that disagreements and rifts occur within your family as a result. Some of these disagreements can be so intense that the rifts become permanent.

Choose the best Preplanning Funeral Services for your Family

Planning for your funeral after you die is a rush job. Although your funeral director will pull it off beautifully, smoothly, and meaningfully, your family may be so harried from the planning process that they don’t really get the benefit of funeral rituals that are designed to provide comfort and support.

When you preplan your funeral, you have the gift of time to think about your funeral and what you want to make it perfect for you and for your family. You can cover every detail of your funeral so that your family and the funeral home just have to execute your wishes.

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When you preplan your funeral, one of the greatest benefits you and your family will have is peace of mind. Once you get comfortable with the reality that one day you will die and you prepare for that, then you’ve eliminated one of the biggest sources of worry that people have in their lives.

A final benefit of preplanning your funeral is that you can involve your family in the process while you’re doing it. By sharing your funeral plans, you have the chance to discuss why you chose the funeral plans you did and you can make sure that all of your immediate family knows what you want and knows what to do when you die.

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