Cleveland, OH direct cremations

All About Direct Cremations

With Cleveland, OH direct cremations, no type of service is held before the cremation occurs. People choose direct cremation for many reasons. Sometimes it’s easier to for friends and family to plan for travel and time off of work to meet at a later date for a memorial service or to scatter the cremation remains (known as cremains). Sometimes, the cremains are being transported back to another place (hometown, family home, or family cemetery, for example) and direct cremation is the most efficient way to get the cremains to their final resting place.

With direct cremations, the deceased is transported from the location where they died directly to the crematorium. The family will meet with the funeral director to authorize the cremation, provide information for death certificates, and provide what they want included in the deceased’s obituary. The family will also bring clothes for the deceased.

The funeral director will obtain the necessary permits for the cremation, and will over the entire process. The process of cremation is very precise and very thorough.

The deceased is treated with dignity and respect throughout the process. Hearing aids, glasses, and jewelry will be given to the family (there are many places to donate hearing aids and glasses to help other people hear and see, so it’s a great way to pay tribute to a deceased loved one).

If there are any medical devices, such as pacemakers or implanted defibrillators, implanted in the deceased, these will be removed because the lithium batteries in them can damage the crematory.

The deceased will be dressed and will be identified by a family member or by a current photo. An indestructible tag is affixed to the deceased (this tag will remain throughout the cremation process) and the deceased is placed into a fully-combustible container, which is then placed into the crematory.

Cremation, which is a combination of intense heat and evaporated, usually takes about two to three hours. Once cremation is complete, all that is left are bone fragments. These will be cooled down and then any metal (fillings, screws, pins, and plates) left will be removed.

Once all the metal is removed, the bone fragments are then pulverized until they have a very fine consistency. These are put into a plastic bag with the tag that was affixed at the beginning of the cremation process. The plastic bag is then put into either a temporary container (if the family hasn’t yet purchased an urn) or the urn that the family purchased.

The family member who’s authorized to pick up the cremains from the funeral home is contacted to let them know that the cremains are ready.

The family then can decide what to do with the cremains and they can decide how best to memorialize their loved one.

Traditionally, cremains have been scattered in the deceased’s favorite place or a place that has special meaning for the deceased and the family. There are many other options for using the cremains, such as cremation jewelry, artwork that has the cremains mixed in with the paint, tattoos that use ink that has been mixed with the cremains, as well as other choices.

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